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Folder: August 13, 2015 Water Committee Meeting
Connecting the Dots - Agenda - shortConnecting the Dots - Agenda - short.pdf6/30/20162016
Stateide Biostimulatory Substances AmendmentFOCUS GROUP MEETINGS Final.pdf5/17/20162016
SDCounty TAC SCAP Presentation 4.27.16 -SDCounty TAC SCAP Presentation 4.27.16 -.pdf4/28/20162016
SCWC April Quarterly Lunch FlyerSCWC April Quarterly Lunch Flyer.pdf4/11/20162016
LACSD Supervisor of Treatment Plant Operations ILACSD Supervisor of Treatment Plant Operations I.pdf4/5/20162016
Driving DirectionsStringfellow 3400-3450 Pyrite Str Riverside directions 160112.pdf3/21/20162016
SB163_SCAP Comment LetterSB163_SCAP Comment Letter.pdf1/13/20162016
Interface ArticleInterface Article.pdf12/3/20152015
Framework for Direct Potable ReuseFramework for Direct Potable Reuse.pdf11/17/20152015
151105l “All-Committees” Meeting Water Committee Update151105 All Committees SCAP mtg.pptx11/17/20152015
PDMWD OIT Bulletin 2015PDMWD OIT Bulletin 2015.pdf8/25/20152015
150813 Water Issues Committee Meeting Agenda150813 Water Issues Committee Meeting Agenda.pdf8/1/20152015
Senior Director of Water ResourcesAd Text EMWD Sr Dir Water Resources Plng - FINAL.docx7/27/20152015
Ad Text EMWD Sr Dir Water Resources PlngAd Text EMWD Sr Dir Water Resources Plng - FINAL.pdf7/27/20152015
OCWD GWRS Presentation150504 OCWD GWRS SCAP 2015.pdf5/5/20152015
OCSD GWR Presentation150504 OCSD GWR SCAP Tour 5-4-2015.pdf5/5/20152015
4957 invoice.pdf3/31/20152015
4957 invoice-signed.pdf3/31/20152015
CASA Public Policy ForumCASA PPF Event Announcement11.pdf3/30/20152015
Position of Director of Water ReclamationBrochure - EMWD Dirctor of Water Reclamation.pdf3/19/20152015
Position of Director of PlanningBrochure - EMWD Sr Director Planning and Environmental.pdf3/19/20152015
2014 SCAP Action Plan.docx3/12/20152015
PDMWD BulletinPDMWD Bulletin.pdf3/11/20152015
EPA Climate Change Adaptation WorkshopR9 CREAT Workshop Flyer_150127.pdf2/9/20152015
Gate 5 Energy Presentation Gate 5 SCAP 2014-0923.pptx10/3/20142014
IRWD Phase II Expansion presentationSCAP Water Quality IRWD Phase 2 Pastore.pptx10/3/20142014
NPDES Cost of ComplianceNPDES Cost of Compliance.pptx9/27/20142014
March 17, 2014 EPA  Toxicity  ATP letterMarch 17, 2014 EPA  Toxicity  ATP letter.pdf8/30/20142014
MS-4 Sewer Cross Contamination140320 SCAP MS4-Sewer Cross Contamination_V2.pptx4/1/20142014
prepared by LACSD's Phil MarkleCopy of FWQC Ammonia_Objectives_old_and_new_objectives_.xlsx11/2/20132013
SCAP 2013 EPA Ammonia 131024 WQC HandoutSCAP 2013 EPA Ammonia 131024 WQC Handout.pdf11/2/20132013
SWRCB Sewer Rate StudyCopy of wastewater_user_charge_survey_report_fy_2012_2013.xlsx9/2/20132013
2012_2013 SWRCBSewer Rate StudyCopy of wastewater_user_charge_survey_report_fy_2012_2013.pdf9/2/20132013
IRWD Sewer Rates Dec'2012IRWD Sewer Rates Dec'2012.pdf4/8/20132013
Pages from LVMWD Ordinance111312_rmPages from LVMWD Ordinance111312_rm.pdf4/8/20132013
San Diego RWQCB Designated Party Instructions for MS4Instructions.pdf3/31/20132013
Joint Tri-TAC Comment Letter on SWRCB Biological Objectives130225 Bioobjective Comments Final.pdf2/25/20132013
Joint Assoc Comment letter121019 Joint_Assoc_Comments_CEQA_Bioobjectives.pdf10/22/20122012
120706 SCAP Recycled Water Policy Comment Letter .pdf7/6/2012Year Posted ?
SWRCB Toxicity Flow ChartSWRCB Proposed Revisions to the Toxicity Policy.docx5/1/20122012
Tri-TAC WET Policy Proposed Flow Chart10-10-11_One Page POTW Alt.pdf5/1/20122012
April 9, 2012 SWRCB letter commenting on IAPMO Green Supplement language120421 SWRCB IAPMO letter.tif4/29/20122012
Joint Comment Letter on Ocean Plan Amendments 1204184-18-12 CASA TriTAC SCAP Comments Re Ocean Plan Amendments.pdf4/22/20122012
SWRCB Presentation March 23, 2012 CECs Science Advisory Panel Responses20120323 Meeting 6 - Panel Response To Comments.pdf3/28/20122012
Science Advisory Panel Draft Report on CECSCEC Ecosystems Draft Report_22 Feb 2012.pdf2/23/20122012
SCCWRP Agenda for Beach Monitoring120118 SCCWRP agenda Beacj Contracting Jan 18 2012 (4).doc1/3/20122011
Flow chart for Green Chemistry RegulationsSCPHowItWorks.pdf11/1/20112011
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