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SCAP Staff Members

Our knowledgeable staff have many years of combined experience in the water and wastewater industry. Below is a list of our staff with a short biography and contact information.

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Steve Jepsen

Executive Director, SCAP

Steve was appointed Executive Director of the Alliance in 2016, replacing John Pastore upon his retirement. Steve has over 40 years of experience in the water/wastewater industry. For the bulk of his career, Mr. Jepsen provided capital program management services as a contract employee for a variety of water/wastewater public agencies, blurring the lines between public and private entities to expedite progress towards environmental and public health. Most of the projects he has been involved with have been wastewater, water and storm drain systems for public agencies in Southern California with emphasis on projects in environmentally sensitive areas, projects in dense urban areas and regulatory compliance driven water quality projects. Steve interacts with representatives of the regulatory agencies, as well as with the SCAP Board of Directors, to preserve the integrity of the Alliance and to ensure that the agencies are treated fairly and equitably in the regulatory arena. SCAP strives for the interaction with the regulatory agencies to be a partnering type relationship, resulting in a mutual respect between SCAP and the regulators. 

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Pam Merriam

Michelle Kinney

Executive Administrator, SCAP

Michelle is the Executive Administrator for SCAP. With over 30 years of administrative and management experience, Michelle currently holds the position of Executive Administrator and oversees the clerical and office duties making sure announcements and relevant information is shared with the members. Michelle also handles the bookkeeping for SCAP, as well as compiling the draft budget for SCAP's Finance Committee.

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