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Folder: Sept. 10, 2013 SCAP Pretreatment Committee meeting
LASanitation Approach to the Dental Rule June 21, 2016 rev 1LASanitation Approach to the Dental Rule June 21, 2016 rev 1.pdf7/1/20162016
SDCounty TAC SCAP Presentation 6.20.16SDCounty TAC SCAP Presentation 6.20.16.pdf7/1/20162016
Preliminary Agenda 05-17-2016 IAC MeetingPreliminary Agenda 05-17-2016 IAC Meeting.pdf4/27/20162016
CA POTW CWT SURVEY 020316CA POTW CWT SURVEY 020316.pdf3/1/20162016
Agenda for 02-09-2016 IAC MeetingAgenda for 02-09-2016 IAC Meeting.pdf1/28/20162016
CASA Agencies BMPs for CWT FacilitiesCASA Agencies BMPs for CWT Facilities.pdf11/18/20152015
Preliminary Agenda 11-17-2015 IAC MeetingPreliminary Agenda 11-17-2015 IAC Meeting.pdf11/2/20152015
BMP Presentation Carollo 160225 Pretreatment MeetingBMP Presentation Carollo 160225 Pretreatment Meeting.pdf3/18/20152016
Dental Amalgam Category Comment Letter150217 SCAP ltr EPA Dental Amalgam Category.pdf2/28/20152015
Overview of POTW Pretreatment ProgramsPT Presentation-093014_Final.pdf9/29/20142014
POTW Pretreatment Program Submission Guidea_potw_pretreatment_program_submission_outline.pdf9/29/20142014
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