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Folder: Presentations from Sept. 26, 2013 SCAP Energy Committee Meeting10/2/2013 11:44 PMJohn Pastore
Folder: Presentations from SCAP Feb. 27, 2014 energy committee meeting3/2/2014 4:56 PMJohn Pastore
Folder: Presentations from August 12, 2014 Energy Committee Meeting8/18/2014 4:22 PMJohn Pastore
Folder: March 26, 2015  Energy Committee Meeting  presentations3/26/2015 3:34 PMJohn Pastore
Folder: August 26, 2015 Energy Committee Meeting at IRWD8/28/2015 9:55 AMJohn Pastore
The Power of Digester Gas: A Technology Review from Micro to Megawatts.  A Power Point presentation given by Mark McDannel.  Source: LACSD
McDannel SCAP Oct 2008.pdf11/12/2008200811/13/2008 3:29 PMNo presence informationAdministrator
Paper to Electronic.  Powerpoint presentation by John Ginn, SWRCB, on the Electronic Self Monitoring Report System.
SWRCB John Ginn CIWQS eSMR2 PR (2).ppt3/6/200920093/6/2009 11:49 PMNo presence informationAdministrator
Combined Heat and Power Report for Wastewatertreatment Plants by Pramod Kulkarni of the California Energy Commission
090723 Pramod Draft CEC CHP Paper WWTP V3Posted.pdf8/3/200920098/4/2009 6:08 PMNo presence informationAdministrator
LACSD Palmdale WRP Fuel Cell Presentation by Mark McDannel
Palmdale Fuel Cell Project Review 090727.PPT8/4/200920098/4/2009 6:19 PMNo presence informationAdministrator
OCSD Energy Management Program Presentation by David Halverson
Energy Management OCSD 2009.ppt8/4/200920098/4/2009 6:20 PMNo presence informationAdministrator
OCSD Fuel Cell research Project Presentation by Layne Baroldi
OCSD_FuelCell_0709.ppt8/4/200920098/4/2009 6:22 PMNo presence informationAdministrator
Fuel Cell Energy Presentation
Fuel Cell Energy PPTJuly 09.ppt8/4/200920098/4/2009 6:34 PMNo presence informationAdministrator
Southern California Gas Company presentation to LACSD on October 9, 2009 RE: digester gas as a renewable fuel.
SoCalGas SDGE Pipeline Biomethane LACo 100909.ppt10/13/2009200910/13/2009 11:05 AMNo presence informationAdministrator
CASA Energy Management Survey
CASA Energy Management Survey.htm10/14/2009200910/14/2009 11:36 AMNo presence informationAdministrator
City of Colton Regional Biosolids Processing & Renewable Energy Project by Biosoils
Biosoils Colton Biosolids Prsentation EnergyMtg 102209.pdf10/24/2009200910/25/2009 1:47 PMNo presence informationAdministrator
Presentation on Environmental Compliance for Biogas to Electricity by Energix Research, Inc.
Energix Presentation Biogas .pptx10/24/2009200910/25/2009 1:56 PMNo presence informationAdministrator
Presentation on Market Based GHG reduction Policies by SCE
SCE presentation 102209 .ppt10/25/2009200910/25/2009 1:34 PMNo presence informationAdministrator
Presentation on Renewable Biogas-Pipeline Biomethane for CA by So. Cal. Gas Company
So Cal Gas PPT 102209.ppt10/25/2009200910/25/2009 1:39 PMNo presence informationAdministrator
Analysis of Kerry Boxer CC Legislation by Greg Adams LACSD
LACSD Analysis of Kerry-Boxer CC Legislation102209 .ppt10/25/2009200910/25/2009 1:50 PMNo presence informationAdministrator
Presentation on Opening of Retail Choice in CA Power Markets by Sempra Energy
RBS Sempra Commodities SCAP Presentation_final.ppt10/25/2009200910/25/2009 2:19 PMNo presence informationAdministrator
Presentation from April 27, 2010 Energy Management Committee Meeting by Steven Hernandez re: RECs and TRECs Certification and registration with WREGIS
Hernandez SCAP April 2010.pdf5/4/201020105/5/2010 10:21 AMNo presence informationAdministrator
Presentation from April 27, 2010 Energy Management Committee Meeting by Nicole Finerty of Evolution Markets re: CA RECs market and pricing information.
CA TRECs - AS.pdf5/4/201020105/5/2010 10:23 AMNo presence informationAdministrator
Biogas from Wastewater  Treatment Plants article by Pramod Kulkarni
Pramod Kulkarni Biogas Article.mht9/5/201020109/5/2010 12:52 AMNo presence informationAdministrator
Power Point Presentation from October 14, 2010 Joint CWCCG/SCAP Energy/Air Meeting by Element Markets entitled"Future of GHG Offsets and Renewable Energy Credits"
Elements PPT from 101014 Tri-TAC CA Waste Water Association Presentation.pdf10/12/2010201010/13/2010 7:34 PMNo presence informationAdministrator
Energy Management Committee Meeting Agenda
110208 Energy Management Committee Mtg Agenda.pdf1/26/201120101/27/2011 12:01 PMNo presence informationAdministrator
CWCCG Comments on Feed-In Tariff for CPUC Proceedins
110307 R 08-08-009_SB32 CWCCG Brief_final3.pdf3/6/201120113/7/2011 5:39 PMNo presence informationAdministrator
Presntation on IEUA's Wind Power Project
110428 IEUA wind power ppt.pdf4/30/201120115/2/2011 12:01 AMNo presence informationAdministrator
Climate Action Reserve presentation on New Revenue Opportunities in Carbon Credits and RECs from Food Waste Digestion
110428 carbon credits and revenue from food waste.pdf5/1/201120115/2/2011 12:04 AMNo presence informationAdministrator
LACSD presentation on Research on Food Waste Digestion in Water and Sludge
110428 LACSD ppt re research on food waste digestion.pdf5/1/201120115/2/2011 12:09 AMNo presence informationAdministrator
Carollo Engineer's presentation on Registering Renewable Energy Generation for Tracking and Ultimate Sale of Renewable Energy Credits.
110428 Renewable Energy Credits carollo presentation.pdf5/1/201120115/2/2011 12:12 AMNo presence informationAdministrator
110727 SoCalGas ppt.pptx7/28/201120117/29/2011 11:13 AMNo presence informationAdministrator
SoCalGas presentation on Biogas Conditioning at POTWs
110727 SoCalGas ppt.pdf7/28/201120117/29/2011 11:17 AMNo presence informationAdministrator
October 27, 2011 CWCCG comment letter to CPUC
2011-10-27 R_11-05-005_CWCCG_Comments RPS Categories PD_Final.pdf10/31/2011201111/1/2011 10:54 PMNo presence informationAdministrator
Motion Filed with CPUC Re: Feed-In Tariffs
111219 R11-05-005 (RPS) Joint Parties Motion for Ruling on Ren FIT Pricing Meth 12-19-11.pdf1/2/201220111/3/2012 2:52 PMNo presence informationAdministrator
City oif San Diego BUDG Project and South Bay Fuel Cell Project Presentation
BUDG  SBFC NRC Briefing 1st file.pdf1/30/201220121/31/2012 9:21 PMNo presence informationAdministrator
City of San Diego BUDG Project Emissions Benefits Comparison presentation
BUDG  SBFC NRC Ppt 2rd file.pdf1/30/201220121/31/2012 9:24 PMNo presence informationAdministrator
City of San Diego South Bay Water ReclamationPlant  Fuel Cell site presentation
BUDG  SBFC NRC Ppt 3rd file.pdf1/30/201220121/31/2012 9:27 PMNo presence informationAdministrator
City of San Diego BUDG Project Fact Sheet
BUDG Projects Fact Sheet-SDGE 2-7-11 (2).pdf1/30/201220121/31/2012 9:28 PMNo presence informationAdministrator
White paper by GEI Consultants re; water/wastewater agencies opportunities to produce renewable energy
GEI W-E 2012-09-12 FINAL.pdf9/12/201220129/12/2012 10:48 AMJohn Pastore
Presentation by Shannon Sweeney from City of Santa Maria re: Power Purchase Agreements
City of Santa Maria PPAs.ppt10/25/2012201210/25/2012 9:53 AMPam Merriam
A presentation by Arun Sharma re: making a successful power purchase agreement.
How to Make PPAs Successful by Anaergia.pptx10/25/2012201210/25/2012 9:59 AMPam Merriam
A presentation by Eugene Sedeno from Southern CA Edison describing their role as customer aid in the PPA selections.
SCE Customer Generation Presentation10-23-2012 v3.pptx10/25/2012201210/25/2012 10:14 AMPam Merriam
John Minkel from the City of Thousand Oaks made a presentation on their current PPA.
City of Thousand Oaks HCWP PPA.ppt10/25/2012201210/25/2012 10:20 AMPam Merriam
EPA letter to NRDC regarding decision not to require nutrient limits on secondary treatment
2012-12-14ShapirotoNRDCrePetition.pdf12/17/2012201212/17/2012 10:19 AMJohn Pastore
IEUA Fuel Cell and Energy Management Plan Presentation
RP-1 Energy Management SCAP 2-13.pdf3/3/201320133/3/2013 8:22 PMJohn Pastore
Digester Gas Treatment Systems  by Tom Mossinger
SCAP_GasTreatmentPres_02-28-13.pdf3/3/201320133/3/2013 9:55 PMJohn Pastore
Anaergia  Presentation on IEUA 2.8 MW Fuel Cell PPA
SCAP Feb2013 DS Comments.pdf3/3/201320133/3/2013 10:00 PMJohn Pastore
Fuel Cell technology Presentation on IEUA Fuel Cell Project
20130228 IEUA site visit presentation.pdf3/3/201320133/3/2013 10:04 PMJohn Pastore
CASA Energy Workgroup Regulatory Update Presentation  by Andre Schmidt
130530 AS CASA Energy Workgroup.ppt6/2/201320136/2/2013 4:39 PMJohn Pastore
Energy Management Presentation by Helio Power
130530 HelioPower SCAP presentation.pdf6/2/201320136/2/2013 4:41 PMJohn Pastore
Wholesale Electric and RPS Market Update by Noble Solutions
Market Update - SCAP Meeting (May 2013).pptx6/2/201320136/2/2013 4:44 PMJohn Pastore
PowerPoint Presentation on Victor Valley WRA Omnivore System
SCAP May2013 VVWRA Anaergia Biogas Project.pptx6/2/201320136/2/2013 4:46 PMJohn Pastore
California-Water-Energy-Climate-Nexus.pdf10/16/2013201310/16/2013 2:08 PMJohn Pastore
City of LA's DGUP project
10th draft Feb 25 2014.pptx3/2/201420143/2/2014 4:54 PMJohn Pastore
Directions to MWRP
Directions to MWRP.pdf7/8/201420147/8/2014 12:27 PMJohn Pastore
Facebook rendition
SCAP CHP US energy webinar.docx7/24/201420147/24/2014 5:45 PMJohn Pastore
The Energy Network Presentation
The Energy Network Presentation.pdf3/26/201520153/26/2015 3:34 PMJohn Pastore
OCSD's Energy Program Presentation
SCAP Energy presentation OCSD  3-26-2015JM.pdf4/1/201520154/1/2015 9:03 AMJohn Pastore
150826  Energy Committee Meeting Notice
150826  Energy Committee Meeting Notice.pdf8/13/201520158/13/2015 4:27 PMJohn Pastore
2016 Preliminary Draft -Energy Outlook
2016 Preliminary Draft -Energy Outlook.pdf10/2/2015201510/2/2015 11:26 AMJohn Pastore
MVRWRF direction (2)
MVRWRF direction (2).pdf2/25/201620162/25/2016 2:21 PMJohn Pastore
160322 Joint Energy _ Air Committees  Meeting Agenda
160322 Joint Energy _ Air Committees  Meeting Agenda.pdf2/29/201620162/29/2016 10:42 AMJohn Pastore
3-22-16 SCAP AQ Committee Update
3-22-16 SCAP AQ Committee Update.pdf3/28/201620163/28/2016 1:14 PMJohn Pastore
Tecogen_Update_2016_verSCAP Al_distribution
Tecogen_Update_2016_verSCAP Al_distribution.pdf3/28/201620163/28/2016 1:16 PMJohn Pastore
AB_1989_bill_20160314_amended_asm_v98.pdf3/28/201620163/28/2016 1:39 PMJohn Pastore
Electro Therm Information
Electro Therm Information.pdf8/1/201620168/1/2016 5:16 PMJohn Pastore
Electra Therm Wastewater Application Sheet
Electra Therm Wastewater Application Sheet.pdf8/1/201620168/1/2016 5:21 PMJohn Pastore
New Brochure Final
New Brochure Final.pdf9/2/201620169/2/2016 10:40 AMJohn Pastore
NEW Manufacturing Information Sheet
NEW Manufacturing Information Sheet.doc9/2/201620169/2/2016 10:43 AMJohn Pastore
NEW Manufacturing Information Sheet
NEW Manufacturing Information Sheet.pdf9/2/201620169/2/2016 10:46 AMJohn Pastore
GHG Measurement Presentation fischer4
GHG Measurement Presentation fischer4.pdf10/3/2016201610/3/2016 12:55 PMJohn Pastore
Presentation from April 27, 2010 Energy Management Committee Meeting by LACSD's Mark McDannel re: An Overview of Renewable Energy Credits
RECs Overview.pdf5/4/2010Year Posted ?5/5/2010 10:19 AMNo presence informationAdministrator
Las Virgenes Energy Program Overview presentation
LVMWD Energy  Presentation 110208.ppt2/9/2011Year Posted ?2/9/2011 12:58 PMNo presence informationAdministrator
LACSD Annual Energy Report for FY 09-10
LACSD 2010-2011 Annual_Energy_Report_FY_09-10.pdf2/9/2011Year Posted ?2/10/2011 1:59 PMNo presence informationAdministrator
LACSD Presentation on the Calabasa Landfill Gas to Energy Project
LACSD Calabasa Landfill Gas to Energy Presentation 110208 .ppt2/10/2011Year Posted ?2/10/2011 12:39 PMNo presence informationAdministrator
Utility Perspectives on Biogas utilization and Markets
110411 Jim-Lucas_SEU_BioCycle Presentation.pdf4/24/2011Year Posted ?4/25/2011 5:10 PMNo presence informationAdministrator
USEPA_Guidebook_for_Water_and_WW_Energy_Management[1].pdf5/8/2012Year Posted ?10/26/2008 8:08 PMNo presence informationAdministrator
140324 WERF letter.doc3/12/2015Year Posted ?3/12/2015 9:54 AMJohn Pastore
4957 invoice.pdf3/31/2015Year Posted ?3/31/2015 2:57 PMJohn Pastore
2010 SCAP Regular Membership Appl.pdf3/31/2015Year Posted ?3/31/2015 2:57 PMJohn Pastore