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Collection Reference Library:2014 SCAP Collections Committee Presentations

1401121 SWRCB  staff presentation SSO Overlap.pdf
3/3/2014 2:45 PMJohn Pastore
NASTT NO DIG  2013- FINAL.pptx
3/3/2014 2:39 PMJohn Pastore
Reversal of Sewage Pumps 5.pdf
3/3/2014 3:34 PMJohn Pastore
Folder: Folder contain information on Sewer Service Fees
Folder: Folder contains copies of Legal Actions against Public Agencies
Folder: Folder contains documents on Exfiltration in collection systems
Folder: Folder contains documents on Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG)
Folder: Folder contains documents on Force Mains
Folder: Folder contains documents pertaining to sewer laterals
Folder: Folder contains information and tools to assist in the development of a Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP)
Folder: Folder contains information on collection system Operation and Maintenance
Folder: Folder contains information on flushable products
Folder: Folder contains information on infiltration and inflow
Folder: Folder contains information on sewage pump stations
Folder: Folder contains information on sewer asset management
Folder: Folder contains information on sewer pipe construction
Folder: Folder contains information on SSO reporting to the CIWQS database
Folder: Folder contains information on Trenchless Technology
Folder: Folder contains Misc EPA files for Collection Systems
Folder: Folder contains misc Special Reports
Folder: Folder contains old Region 8 WDR
Folder: Folder contains old Region 9 WDR
Folder: State of California General Waste Discharge Requirements (GWDR)
Folder: SCAP Non-Dispersibles Incident Reporting Forms
Folder: Sept. 24, 2013 Collections Committee Meeting Presentations
Folder: 2014 SCAP Collections Committee Presentations
Folder: February 12, 2015 SCAP Collection Committee Presentations
Folder: April 20, 2015 Asset Management Workshop Presentations
Vapor Phase Odor Control SystemsSCAP Presentation 012417 rev 1.pdf3/20/20182017Collection Committee Meeting
Empire Pipe Cleaning PresentationEmpire Pipe Cleaning Presentation.pdf2/3/20172017Collections Committee Meeting 17/01/24
161012 CSC meeting agenda161012 CSC meeting agenda.pdf10/2/20162016
 SB 661 Senate Bill - Bill Analysis SB 661 Senate Bill - Bill Analysis.html10/2/20162016
WDR FOG Final ReportWDR FOG Final Report.pdf9/29/20162016
City of Santa Barbara Lateral InspectionCity of Santa Barbara Lateral Inspection.pdf8/3/20162016
Leucadia WD Unknown chalk like substance in sewer mainline - Revised (29FEB16) 03Leucadia WD Unknown chalk like substance in sewer mainline - Revised (29FEB16) 03.pdf3/29/20162016
Dudek 2016_3_30 SCAP AC Pipe TestingDudek 2016_3_30 SCAP AC Pipe Testing.pdf3/29/20162016
160329 HDR Presentation_SCAP_CSC_20160329_v2160329 HDR Presentation_SCAP_CSC_20160329_v2.pdf3/29/20162016
2016-03-29 SCAP Workshop Irvine Trenchless spot reoairs2016-03-29 SCAP Workshop Irvine Trenchless spot reoairs.pdf3/29/20162016
SMART Covers_SCAP March Meeting Presentation 24March2016SMART Covers_SCAP March Meeting Presentation 24March2016.pdf3/29/20162016
KEYNOTE_SSO Reduction PracticesKEYNOTE_SSO Reduction Practices_jfischer_OE_SEWER SUMMIT 2015.pdf11/17/20152015November 12, 2015 CSC Mtg
2015_11_12_El Nino Wet Weather Planning2015_11_12_El Nino Wet Weather Planning.pptx11/17/20152015November 12, 2015 CSC mtg
SSS WDRs Compliance and Enforcement_jfischer_OE_SEWER SUMMIT 2015SSS WDRs Compliance and Enforcement_jfischer_OE_SEWER SUMMIT 2015.pdf11/17/20152015November 12, 2015 CSC Mtg
2015 SSMP_Guidance_Document2015 SSMP_Guidance_Document.pdf11/10/20152015
Map of IRWD Meeting RoomMap of IRWD Meeting Room.pdf10/22/20152015
FSE variance template 2011-09-02.doc4/27/20152015
2010 SCAP Regular Membership Appl.pdf3/31/2015Year Posted ?
110831 NOV letter.doc3/12/2015Year Posted ?
Deragger Presentation June 2014.pptx2/13/2015Year Posted ?
150212 Collections Meeting Agenda150212 Collections Meeting Agenda.pdf1/31/20152015
City of Ontario Wastewater Operations and MaintenancePresentation2.pptx9/25/20132013Sept. 24. 2013 SCAP SCS Meeting
Dindo Carrillo - WDR MRP UpdateCIWQS SSO Database Screen Shots.pdf9/25/20132013Sept. 24, 2013 SCAP CSC Meeting
Nick Arhontes - Flushables Update2013_09_24_SCAP CSC Mtg_Nondispersibles_Ontario.pptx9/25/20132013Sept. 24, 2013 SCAP CSC Meeting
"MS4 What does it mean for you"SCAP Presentation.pptx9/25/20132013Sept. 24, 2013 SCAP CSC Meeting
Screentec PresentationScreentec_Presentation.pdf9/25/20132013Sept. 24, 2013 SCAP CSC Meeting
Arkansas Water Environment Association Non-dispersibles position paperAWEA Nondispersibles Position Paper.pdf9/3/20132013
2013 Revised MRP from SWRCBRevised MRP WQO 2013-0058-EXEC.pdf9/3/20132013
Fact Sheet for final MRPFact Sheet - WQO 2013-0058-EXEC.pdf9/3/20132013
MRP Transmittal letterRevision Transmittal Letter - WQO 2013-0058-EXEC.pdf9/3/20132013
130924 CSC Meeting Anncmt.pdf8/22/20132013
CWEA Conference presentation by Jim Fischer on enforcement of WDRCS Enforcement_fischer_CWEA-SARBS Orange County 7-25-2013.pdf7/30/20132013
A report on testing of flushable products for dispersibilityVanc Flushable Test Report 2013Final.pdf7/18/20132013
ACWA JPIA ppt on GHS SCAP GHS 2013 PowerPoint.ppt6/2/20132013130521 SCAP Collection Committee Meeting
CSC WDR Audit Enforcement by Jim FischerCS Enforcement_fischer update 5-8-13_updated OK_3 slides+notes_1.pdf6/2/20132013130521 SCAP CSC Meeting
Non-dispersibles Incident Reprting Form e-versionNon-Dispersibles Incident Report Template.docx5/4/20132013
Non-Dispersibles Incident Reporting Form paper-versionNon-Dispersibles Incident Report-FILL BY HAND.pdf5/4/20132013
SCAP letter to Costco re Flushable Wipes update130314 Costco pkg.pdf3/18/20132013
SSMP Audit presentation by Michael Flores -RMC022613_SCAP_SSMP_Audit_Flores_Final.pdf2/27/20132013
Bob Kreg's presentation on the proposed SWRCB's MRP 130221 MRP Update.pdf2/22/20132013February 21, 2013 Collection Systems Committee Meeting
130221 Presentation by Nick Arhontes on Flushables 2013_02-21 SCAP CSC Flushables Update.pptx2/22/20132013February 21, 2013 Collection Systems Committee Meeting
Summit Partners comment letter to SWRCB re MRP amendments130122  CWSP-Tri-TAC Comment ltr Revised Draft MRP.pdf1/23/20132013
Tri-TAC Comment letter to SWRCB re:MRP revisions120902 CASA CWEA and Tri-TAC letter and Detailed Comments on Proposed MRP 10-2-12.pdf10/2/20122012
NCIP presentation on scaling causes in clay sewer pipes120918 NCPI scaling talk.pdf9/20/20122012SCAP CSC meeting September 18, 2012
Scale removal presentation by Steven Carl of  Progressive Environmental Services120918 NCPI presentation 9.12.pdf9/20/20122012SCAP CSC Meeting September 18, 2012
SCAP  WDR Audit Workshop presentation by SWRCB Jim Fischer120424 CS Enforcement_fischer SCAP 4-22-2012_final_1.pdf4/22/20122012
SCAP Collection Sytems Audit Workshop120424 Workshop Anncmt.pdf3/20/20122012April 24, 2012 SCAP Collection Systems Committee Meeting
Summit partners IAPMO comment letter120228 IAPMO Food Waste Position Ltr  from Summit Partners.pdf3/3/20122012
PowerPoint presentation on estimating spill volumes.SPILL ESTIMATION Ver 2.pdf12/29/20112011SCAP
Fallbrrok PUD TV News Report on FOG cans320x240.avi9/5/20112011
City of Redding audit.City of Redding Final Audit Package - 04Aug2011.pdf9/5/20112011SWRCB
City of Oroville audit.COMPLETE-City of Oroville.pdf9/5/20112011SWRCB
Graveland CSD auditGROVELAND_CSD_HA.pdf9/5/20112011SWRCB
San Jose auditLETTER Request for Tech Report_San Jose 05.20.11.pdf9/5/20112011SWRCB
Ironhouse SD audit.NOV_ISD August 2011_Final-Package.pdf9/5/20112011SWRCB
Statewide Sanitary Sewer Overflow Reduction Program Annual Compliance Report.081611_12_sso_reductionprogram_2011annualreport_final[1].pdf8/14/20112011SWRCB
CWEA SARBS July 21, 2011 Collections Seminar Flyer2011collSemFlyer.pdf6/2/20112011
PPS of the proposed revisions to the WDRProposed Revisions-2.pps5/25/20112011SCAP
Leucadia Wastewater District/Dudek presentation on force mainsForce Main Presentation - SCAP - Final (FEB11).ppt2/25/20112011February 22, 2011 CSC meeting
OCSD Flushables Presentation2011_2_22 SCAP flushables update.ppt2/23/20112011022211 CSC meeting
WDR CIWQS Reporting UpdateWDR.pdf2/22/20112011022211 CSC Meeting
SCAP Collection Systems Committee Meeting Agenda110222 CSC  Agenda.pdf1/26/2011Year Posted ?
PPS on tree roots by Tyler Stevenson of DudekTree Roots and Sewer Lines.pps9/7/20102010CSC Meeting
PPT on Regulatory Update by Robert Kreg100824  CSC Meeting Regulatory Update.ppt8/30/20102010August 24, 2010 SCAP Collection Systems Mtg
PPT Digi SCAN presentation100824 Digi Presentation FINAL.ppt8/30/20102010August 24, 2010 SCAP Collection Systems Committee Mtg
PPT on Tree Roots by Dudek &  Associates100824 CSC Presentation Tree Roots.ppt8/30/20102010August 24, 2010 Collection Systems Committee Mtg
CIWQS Mock up  by SWRCB100824 SWRCB CIWQS mock up_new.pdf8/29/20102010August 24, 2010 SCAP Collection Systems Committee Mtg
Heat Illness and Prevention Planning presentationHeat - Illness Prevention Plan8/22/2010Year Posted ?August 24, 2010  SCAP Collection Systems meeting
Comment letter from WEF on USEPA proposal for NPDES permits for collection systemsSSO Rulemaking-WEF input-EPA-HQ-OW-2010-0464[1].pdf7/29/20102010CWEA
CWEA WDR-SSO Survey 2009GWDR-SSOWDR Review Survey 2009 Summary[1][1].pdf6/26/20102010CWEA
SWRCB 2010 Annual Report of the SSO Reduction Program.SSO Annual Report-may18_2010.pdf6/25/20102010SWRCB
EPA Fact Sheet for NPDES permits for collection systems.sso_fact_sheet_model_permit_cond.pdf6/25/20102010EPA
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