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Project Memorandum on Environmentally Friendly Composting Technology Pilot Projects - Stakeholder Meeting Report040610 minutes final.pdf12/2/20042004
Letter to Laki T. Tisopulos of South Coast Air Quality Management District regarding Environmentally-Friendly Composting Technology Pilot Project.SCAQM Letter 040820.pdf12/2/20042004
Memorandum To: Stakeholders and Potential Project Partners, From: John Gundlach - Manager of Organics Management - Inland Empire Utilities Agency, Bob Feenstra - Executive Officer - Milk Producers Council Subject: Environmentally-Friendly Composting TechnStakeholder Letter 040901.pdf12/2/20042004
BIOSOLID USE IN KERN COUNTY - Kern County Grand Jury Report released April 7, 2005 - PURPOSE OF INQUIRY: The Health, Education, and Social Services (HESS)050412 Kern Cnty Grand Jury Rpt.pdf1/26/20062005
CASA Memorandum: SB 926-FLOREZ – BIOSOLIDS UPDATE - May 6, 2005.  We anticipate SB 926 will be on the Senate Floor050509 CASA SB 926 Update.pdf1/26/20062005
Association of Compost Producers Compost Marketing Standards – Draft 1.0 12/15/03ACP Marketing Standards.pdf1/26/20062005
Wednesday, March 30, 2005 - "Senator campaigns to get public to say no to sludge in Kern" By CHRISTINE BEDELL,Senator Florez Website 03-2005.pdf1/26/20062005
SUMMARY FROM TAPING OF K G E T BIOSOLIDS FORUM IN BAKERSFIELD, CA - March 29, 2005 - City of Los Angeles,Summary K G E T Biosolids Forum.pdf1/26/20062005
Sept 28, 2004 at SCAP Biosolids Emerging Technology Workshop: BIOFILTERS for Emission and Odor Control - Review of Biofilter process and use.Biofilter Overview.pdf1/27/20062006
Sept 28, 2004 at SCAP Biosolids Emerging Technology Workshop: "Permitting Issues for Biosolids Composting and Processing Facilities" - Overview of Biosolids permitting and issues.Biosolids Permitting.pdf1/27/20062006
Sept 28, 2004 at SCAP Biosolids Emerging Technology Workshop: "Biosolids Processing/ Product Technologies" - Overview of Biosolids Processing/Product Technologies.Biosolids Technologies.pdf1/27/20062006
Sept 28, 2004 at SCAP Biosolids Emerging Technology Workshop: Converting Biosolids to a Usable Fuel: The Emerging Technology of Biosolids Carbonization – The Rialto Regional Biosolids Facility - Enertech's Planned Biosolids Processing Facility in Rialto.Enertech Facility - Rialto.pdf1/27/20062006
Sept 28, 2004 at SCAP Biosolids Emerging Technology Workshop: Biosolids Products, Markets & a Plan - Developing a Marketing Plan for Biosolids Products.Marketing Plan for Biosolids.pdf1/27/20062006
Sept 28, 2004 at SCAP Biosolids Emerging Technology Workshop: Sacramento's Biosolids Management Program Through Design-Build Approach - Status of Sacramento's Biosolids Pelletizer.Sacramento Pelletizer.pdf1/27/20062006
Sept 28, 2004 at SCAP Biosolids Emerging Technology Workshop: Synagro Technologies Drying/Pelletizing Capabilities and review of Synagro's Planned South Kern Industrial Center Composting Facility.Synagro Biosolid Review.pdf1/27/20062006
Sept 28, 2004 at SCAP Biosolids Emerging Technology Workshop: IPS Composting System & Biosolids Drying Technology - USFilter's Biosolids Dryer and IPS In-Vessel Agitated Bed Composting System.USFilter Biosolids Dryer.pdf1/27/20062006
NOTICE OF PREPARATION OF THE KERN COUNTY BIOSOLIDS ORDINANCE: February 3, 2006 – The County is soliciting comments on the scope and content of the environmental information related to the proposed project, amendment of Chapter 8.05-Land Application of Bio060203 kern county nop.pdf12/5/20062006
The Court concludes that Plaintiffs have demonstrated they are entitled to preliminary injunctive relief and their motions are GRANTED.061122 ORDER and OPINION Granting Preliminary Injunction Los Angeles v  Kern County.pdf12/5/20062006
Fact Sheet: A WERF Study Finds Fecal Coliforms Appear to ReactivateEPA Desk Statement 2006-06_WERF_Reactiv1.pdf12/5/20062006
Study Finds Fecal Coliforms Appear to Reactivate in Centrifuge Dewatered Solids At Four of Seven Facilities TestedReactivationFactSheet-WERF 6-2006.pdf12/5/20062006
WEF’s Q&As for Assistance in Discussions with the Public or Media Regarding the WERF Report:WEF QA re WERF study 6-6-06 final.pdf12/5/20062006
Water Environment Federation’s Summary for Communication with the Public or Media about the WERF Report:WEF Summary Statements final.pdf12/5/20062006
Article About Use of Biosolids on Fire Ravaged LandsBiosolids on Fire Ravaged Land.pdf6/21/20092009CASA
Power Point Presentation for City of Los Angeles Terminal Island Renewable Energy  (T.I.R.E.) ProgramTIREProjectOverviewPresentation.pdf7/21/20092009City of Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation Department
City of Los Angeles 2009 Biosolids EMS Interim AuditCity of LA2009 Interim Audit Summary final.pdf9/2/20092009City of Los Angeles 2009 Biosolids EMS Interim Audit
Biocycle Article about IEUA./LACSD Regional Composting FacilityJuly30.pdf9/3/20102010
2010 SCAP Biosolids Trends Survey SummarySCAP Biosolids Trends Survey Summary  Rev. 1.pdf11/16/20102010
2010 SCAP Biosolids Trends Survey summaryBiosolids Survey Summary.doc11/17/20102010
SCAP Biosolids Committee Meeting Agenda for 2-24-2011110224 Biosolids Agenda.pdf1/26/2011
LACSD Presentation on EMS110224 mtg SCAP EMS presentation - LACSD .ppt2/25/2011february 24, 2011 Biosolids Committee Meeting at OCSD
2010 City of LA Biosolids EMS Report2010_CityofLABiosolids EMS PerformanceReport.pdf6/2/20112011
Response letter from EPA re biogas from digesters120215 Rudzinski to Hornback_biogas clarification.pdf2/20/20122012
Regulatory Update PPT by Greg KesterGreg_SCAPBioComm080212.ppt8/6/20122012120802 SCAP Biosolids Committee Meeting
Nursery Products PPTJeff_M_NP_Client_PRESENTATION_2012_FPA_v5.ppt8/6/20122012120802 SCAP Biosolids Committee Meeting
Inland Empire Regional Composting Facility PPTJeff_Z_SCAP_8-2012.pdf8/6/20122012120802 SCAP Biosolids Committee Meeting
Components for a Successful Composting OperationLayne-Components_for_Successful_Compost_Facility_Ops_-_LB_8-2-12.pptx8/6/20122012120802 SCAP Biosolids Committee Meeting
SWRCB Composting OrderLorrie-Compost Statewide Order - ACP-Aug 2012_(LLL_Edits).ppt8/6/20122012120802 SCAP Biosolids Committee Meeting
2012 Updated report addressing survey questions provided by SCAP POTWs2012 SCAP Biosolids Trend Survey.pdf1/4/20132013
Kern County Petition for ReviewKern County Petition for Review.pdf5/4/20132013
CBA 2013 Agenda.docx9/1/20132013
Register Today for the California Bioresources Alliance Symposium CBA 2013 Agenda.pdf9/1/20132013
Review of Other Biosolids Programs_forMPlaFinal  TM No 4 Review of Other Biosolids Programs_forMPla.pdf11/2/20132013
Final TM No  4 Attachment 1Final TM No  4 Attachment 1.pdf11/2/20132013
Final TM No  4 Attachment 2Final TM No  4 Attachment 2.pdf11/2/20132013
May 8th Biosolids and Water Committee Agenda05.08.2014 InPerson-Workgroup Packet.pdf5/2/20142014
2014 SCAP Biosolids Trends Update2014 SCAP Biosolids Trends Update.pdf1/5/20152015
01 30 2015 Final E-Reporting Supplement Comments01 30 2015 Final E-Reporting Supplement Comments.pdf2/1/20152015
150416 Biosolids Committee Meeting Notice150416 Biosolids Committee Meeting Notice.pdf3/9/20152015
111026 response to RWQCB 111003 letter referncing 110822 NOV.pdf3/12/2015
4957 invoice.pdf3/31/2015
AB 371 Report 2015AB 371 Report 2015.pdf10/1/20152015
150810 SBC Biosolids Ordinance Comment Letter150810 SBC Biosolids Ordinance Comment Letter.pdf10/5/20152015
Pennsylvania Supreme Court Ruling Pennsylvania Supreme Court Ruling.pdf1/3/20162015
Copy of POTWs with Anaerobic DigestionCopy of POTWs with Anaerobic Digestion.pdf1/3/20162015
Costa Mesa Recycling food scraps into energyCosta Mesa Recycling food scraps into energy.pdf2/1/20162016
California Biosolids Use and Disposal for 2015California Biosolids Use and Disposal for 2015.pdf6/30/20162016
2016_Presentation_Compost Regs2016_Presentation_Compost Regs.pdf6/30/20162016
L.A. County sanitation district embroiled in fight over human-waste facilityL.A. County sanitation district embroiled in fight over human-waste facility.pdf8/31/20162016
2016  City of LA Interim Biosolids Audit SummaryReport2016  City of LA Interim Biosolids Audit SummaryReport.pdf10/3/20162016
2016 SCAP Biosolids Trends Update 2nd ver2016 SCAP Biosolids Trends Update 2nd ver.pdf1/16/20172017
Rialto site presentation to SCAP Rialto site presentation to SCAP.pdf9/15/20172017SCAP Biosolids Committee Meeting of Sept. 11, 2017